King Tut Burrito

When our daughter was born, I was surprised when the nurses presented her bundled up tightly like a mummy.  Only her big blue eyes were peeking out at me.  I later learned that this was the “swaddling” that I thought ended a couple of thousand years ago when baby Jesus lay in the manger.  The nurses tried to convince me that babies actually like to be swaddled, but I couldn’t believe them.  Who wants to look like King Tut? 

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the nurses were correct.  Since the coziness of the swaddle resembles the womb, babies who are swaddled well do sleep extra hours at night.  Some babies will Pull a Houdini on you, as they mock your swaddle by instantly breaking free. After a few weeks, you only have to swaddle the lower body, not the arms.  Many babies do not enjoy having their arms swaddled because they need to suck on a finger or thumb for comfort.  Wrapping the lower half works just as well for these babies.

Even though you may decide to swaddle your baby, the question then becomes HOW?  Fortunately, this is the perfect job for dads.  Any dad who enjoys wrapping a tasty burrito can apply this skill to parenthood.  To set the mood, simply serve chips & salsa, play some mariachi music, and you will soon have your own little Baby Burrito in no time. 

1.    Put a square baby blanket on a flat surface and fold down one top corner about 6 inches.

2.    Lay your baby on his back with his head on the fold.   The top of the fold should be even with his shoulders.

3.    Pull the bottom corner up under your baby’s chin.

4.    Gently hold your baby’s right arm down by his side.

5.    Pull the left bottom corner tautly across his body and tuck the blanket under your baby on the opposite side.

6.    Gently hold your baby’s left arm down by his side.

7.    Bring the loose corner over your baby’s right arm and tuck it under the back on his left side. You can also swaddle under the arms if your baby prefers to have his fingers free to suck.

By following these simple steps, you will have your very own King Tut Burrito, who will be back to sleep in no time.  Then you can make yourself a real burrito and get some much needed rest.


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