Zombie Mommy

If you have ever suffered from jet lag, you are familiar with the sensation of having your body in a different time zone from your mind. Your brain is already in the kitchen fetching a snack, but your body takes ten minutes to get there. You don’t have to travel the world for this experience – just try some late-night baby feedings. Maybe you won’t be exploring the exotic deserts of Africa, but it sure will feel as though someone poured sand into your eyes. 

Nevertheless, no matter what physical discomfort you may go through with an infant, the time will pass very quickly. You have to understand when you have babies that for that particular time in your life, you might not always get a full night’s sleep.  You may not have as much free time either, but you have to focus on your overwhelming love for your baby.  Keeping a positive attitude is the key to your happiness and health.  For example, be absolutely positive that you have morphed into a Zombie.

The key to keeping a newborn happily dozing is to re-create the environment of the womb as closely as possible.  That means keeping it dark, cozy, moving, and loud.  This week we will focus on cranking up the volume.

NOISE is a crucial factor when calming your baby.  At no time is this truer than when trying to get a baby to sleep through the night.  Many moms play lullabies or soft, relaxing music while their baby is trying to sleep.  These are usually the same moms who are bewildered as to why Baby keeps waking up crying.  The baby will most likely wake up when the music stops, either after each song or at the end, unless you play it continuously, which could keep you awake while the baby is sleeping in your room.

The other problem is that sometimes it is too quiet!  This does not mean that you start blaring Led Zeppelin through the night.  A loud ambient hum is usually the perfect background noise for the baby to stay sleeping.

During the cooler months, put a humidifier in each child’s room whenever they are sleeping.  Use a fan during the warmer months.  Whatever you decide to use, it must have a loud hum, preferably on the middle setting.  Not only does this provide adequate ambient noise for your baby to sleep, but it also blocks out any unwanted noise from outside of their room.  Your baby will soon associate the humming sound with sleep time.

When you are traveling, re-create your baby’s home environment as best as possible.  Bring her sheet and toy from her crib, and most importantly, the humidifier or fan.  As soon as she hears that familiar noise, she knows it is time to sleep.  And whenever Baby is asleep, Zombie Mommy gets to sleep as well.    


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